[Gpg4win-users-en] FW: Installation of Vanilla Beta1 failed

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue May 22 14:26:42 CEST 2012

Hi Dewayne,

Am Freitag 18 Mai 2012 08:14:31 schrieb Dewayne:
> My apologies if I've incorrectly posted, as I joined the list to report my
> installation experience with:

it's fine to post here!

Just for completeness, the other places that can be used:
a) The issue tracker, if you believe you've found a defect or if you have a 
wish that should be tracked: http://gpg4win.org/reporting-bugs.html

b) Or the development mailing list can be used for highly technical stuff
and for coordination of contributions of Gpg4win.

> Vanilla version
> From a virgin 32 bit XP/Office2003 PC; installation attempts for Vanilla
> failed to execute installation script. A  popup explained that, nsis
> experienced an  integrity issue.  A gpg -v indicated that the installation
> package was good.

Thanks for the report. Probably Emanuel need to check.

>  Light version
>  Successful installation.


>  The following are user expectation problems, that should normally be
> silenced in the code.  Perhaps a few words should be documented, which
> indicate a dependency between GpgEX and Kleopatra for a fully functioning
> gpg system, would suffice.
> After installing "Light", I then, from Windows shell (GpgEX) executed
> "Create checksums" failed, unable to contact kleopatra
> Then attempted to import keys via gpgEX - failed, needs kleopatra.

Good point, we have to see if we can improve this in the future.

>  Clearly GPA is the tool that should be configured & used :)  I'm still
> testing and hope that GpgEX talks to GPA data store, or whether Kleopatra
> is a prerequisite for GpgEX?

The crypto-backend is called GnuPG and for the modern use, it needs to have 
a "user interface manager" for selection of the certificates.
Both Kleopatra and GPA are such UI-servers for certificates, so in principle 
they both can be used. They both have there pros and cons, as default we 
recommend Kleopatra. But if Kleopatra does not work, you can savely try GPA.

>  Overall
>  Thank-you for bringing the Gpg4win components together, it has meant that
> I can use gpg in a manner that I'm familiar on my UNIX systems.  (I'm
> running Gpg4win 2.1.0 on another PC

You are welcome!

It our helpers and people that voluntarily pay for Gpg4win, that keep us 
creating this software product. Consider contributing, if you like it:

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