[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 2.1.1 beta 197 signature recognition problem.

Bob Henson oldbob at oldbob.co.uk
Tue May 21 19:55:41 CEST 2013

> > The only remaining problem is this - when I sign messages from
> > Thunderbird/Enigmail to Outlook/Gpg4win decryption works fine and the
> > signatures verify correctly and are shown as valid. When I send them
> > from Outlook to Thunderbird the signatures do not verify albeit
> > decryption works fine. Thunderbird to Thunderbird is fine - all
> > signatures verify. Outlook to Outlook also works OK. Naturally my keys
> > are ultimately trusted so the is no logical reason why this should be.
> > Both system are using the same keyring.
> >
> > Am I missing something obvious, or is there any reason why verification
> > should fail only in the one direction? Any ideas where I should look first?

> I remember a similar problem that signed mails from KMail were not validated 
> by enigmail because of a bug in the whitespace handling in one client. I do 
> not remember which one did it correctly (RFC compliant) and can't find the 
> bug report anymore, but yes there are some issues with different e-mail 
> clients handling signatures differently. 

Thunderbird was known to make a mess of text in the early days of PGP (rather than GnuPG) and then later GPG when the now deprecated method of in-line signing was the only way to do things. Enigmail got round the problem, but the text handling of Thunderbird ever changed. I don't know about Outlook 2007, but Outlook has always been known to be very non-standards compliant - deliberately some say (conspiracy theorists?) I don't think you can set the text wrap point in Outlook either, and that might be a factor. The signature, when received by Thunderbird, still shows as an attached file at the bottom of the screen - whereas most signatures do not show up at all in Thunderbird/Enigmail 
> Can you send a mail to this list you've signed in outlook but which does not 
> validate in enigmail? This would allow us to take a look at it and see if 
> gpgOl does everything correctly and if there should be a bug reported to 
> enigmail or if we have a problem with gpgOl.

This is written with Outlook 2007 and signed. I'll cc it to my Thunderbird setup and as they will both get sent together, I'll confirm later if for any reason it *does* work correctly in Thunderbird. Having sent quite a lot now, I very much doubt it will be different though. . 

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