[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 2.1.1 beta 197 signature recognition problem.

Bob Henson oldbob at oldbob.co.uk
Tue May 21 20:01:06 CEST 2013

On 21/05/2013 6:55 PM, Bob Henson wrote:
>>> The only remaining problem is this - when I sign messages from 
>>> Thunderbird/Enigmail to Outlook/Gpg4win decryption works fine and
>>> the signatures verify correctly and are shown as valid. When I
>>> send them from Outlook to Thunderbird the signatures do not
>>> verify albeit decryption works fine. Thunderbird to Thunderbird
>>> is fine - all signatures verify. Outlook to Outlook also works
>>> OK. Naturally my keys are ultimately trusted so the is no logical
>>> reason why this should be. Both system are using the same
>>> keyring.
>>> Am I missing something obvious, or is there any reason why
>>> verification should fail only in the one direction? Any ideas
>>> where I should look first?
>> I remember a similar problem that signed mails from KMail were not
>> validated by enigmail because of a bug in the whitespace handling
>> in one client. I do not remember which one did it correctly (RFC
>> compliant) and can't find the bug report anymore, but yes there are
>> some issues with different e-mail clients handling signatures
>> differently.
> Thunderbird was known to make a mess of text in the early days of PGP
> (rather than GnuPG) and then later GPG when the now deprecated method
> of in-line signing was the only way to do things. Enigmail got round
> the problem, but the text handling of Thunderbird ever changed. I
> don't know about Outlook 2007, but Outlook has always been known to
> be very non-standards compliant - deliberately some say (conspiracy
> theorists?) I don't think you can set the text wrap point in Outlook
> either, and that might be a factor. The signature, when received by
> Thunderbird, still shows as an attached file at the bottom of the
> screen - whereas most signatures do not show up at all in
> Thunderbird/Enigmail
>> Can you send a mail to this list you've signed in outlook but which
>> does not validate in enigmail? This would allow us to take a look
>> at it and see if gpgOl does everything correctly and if there
>> should be a bug reported to enigmail or if we have a problem with
>> gpgOl.
> This is written with Outlook 2007 and signed. I'll cc it to my
> Thunderbird setup and as they will both get sent together, I'll
> confirm later if for any reason it *does* work correctly in
> Thunderbird. Having sent quite a lot now, I very much doubt it will
> be different though. .
I'm replying to myself here to confirm that the above signed message
received by Thunderbird had the signature as "Part 1.1.2 501bytes" but
Enigmail did not pick it up as a signed message at all. The usual
Enigmail yellow or green header bar did not appear.



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