[Gpg4win-users-en] gpgOL and Outlook 2010

Webster Tom tom.webster at bwigroup.com
Mon Nov 25 22:19:01 CET 2013

We may be interested in sponsoring this work. What exactly would this look like?

How much would this cost?
Would there be a contract of objectives to be met?
A stated or estimated time frame?
Accepted payment methods?

My company is interested in this work, but they require more details before commitments can be made.

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Hi Tom,
On Monday 25 November 2013 at 15:19:43, Webster Tom wrote:
> Ok. Are there any GpgOL x64 betas available (even compiling from 
> source seems like an option at the moment for my company)?

AFAIK: no.
Thought it should not be far away technically.
(If you are seriously interested we could get to make an offer with g10code and Intevation to get this build. Or you could get developers to

> Or any future plans to make GpgOL compatible with Outlook 2010 x64?

To make sure it does not get list, I've added it to the wishlist, but there is no fixed roadmap yet, so it depends on some funding or doing it.


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