[Gpg4win-users-en] How do I just encrypt text?

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Tue Feb 18 23:02:49 CET 2014

---- Thomas Harold <thomas-lists at nybeta.com> wrote: 
> On 2/10/2014 4:03 PM, Animedude Johnson wrote:
> > I want an option to be able to encrypt text (not a file, which may or
> > may not be a text file), but I don't want it to be limited to email as
> > with the Outlook extension. I want to be able to use GPG4Win to encrypt
> > some text that I type, and then encrypt it, so that I can then paste the
> > encrypted text into any place that the intnded recipient might find it
> > (such as a public forum, but only the intended recipient would be able
> > to decrypt it). It would be a way to hide secret messages in plain
> > sight. Is this possible to do with GPG4win? If not, please add this
> > feature in a later version.
> Yes it is possible.
> If you have the Key Manager open, look for the "Clipboard" button on the 
> toolbar.  (Or use the Windows -> Clipboard menu option.)
On my PC this is Kleopatra.  To access clipboard operations, in the notifcation
area of the taskbar -> right click on the little Kleopatra icon -> Clipboard.

> You can put text into there, then use the Encrypt button to turn it into 
> ASCII-armored encrypted text.  Then copy/paste to your destination.
> We use this to store passwords to our various servers and network 
> equipment.  One text file per piece of equipment.  It works because 
> there's only 3 of us who need the passwords in an emergency and we all 
> have each other's public keys.  I also use it to store information about 
> websites, bank accounts, etc. for personal use.  With the advantage that 
> I can just attach the text file (or paste it) to an email and send it to 
> one of my email accounts for backup.
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Also you can use gpg2 on the Command Line.

To encrypt some text you type:
gpg2 --clearsign
and then just type in the text you want, with ctrl-Z and enter to finish.  This
will then show the results in the command window which you can copy to
wherever you want.

Similarly to add a signature to a plain text file, use:
gpg2 --clearsign my-text-file.txt
This will generate a file my-text-file.txt.asc with the signature included.  I
could not discover a way to do this using the Windows Explorer extension
(ie. by right clicking the file -> More GpgEX Options), it seems you need
to use command line.

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