[Gpg4win-users-en] Error when decrypting a file with kleopatra

Fabian Nick fabian.nick at scai.fraunhofer.de
Wed Feb 19 09:54:13 CET 2014

Hi all,

(I'm sending this e-mail a second time now since my first attempt from yesterday morning should have been "moderated" since it had an attachment, but for some reason this hasn't happend yet... So I apologize if you should get this e-mail a second time in the near future)

one of our clients sent us his public key which he created according to our instructions (hopefully). Since out latest release we've been trying to introduce encryption into our process and except for this client everything went smooth so far. So I think he did something wrong, though I cannot figure out what he did.

We encrypted a file with the key he sent us and sent the file back to him. When he tries to decrypt the file (with kleopatra according to the screenshot he sent us), he sees the following error message:

"Could not determine whether this is an S/MIME or an OpenPGP signature - maybe it is not a signature at all?"

This seems wierd to me since we shouldn't be dealing with a signature here?!
However the dialog box in the screenshot is titled "Decrypt/Verify Files" - that doesn't seem to be that wrong at all?!

I'd be glad if someone good bring some light into this, since I usually work on the command line and haven't used kleopatra that often yet...

I attached the screenshot, though I'm not sure if it will get through to you. (REM: It obviously doesn't...)


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