[Gpg4win-users-en] Importing Public Key With No User ID

Kent Hurtig kent_hurtig at friends.edu
Wed Oct 29 18:38:57 CET 2014

Hi Gpg4win Users,

I am new to Gpg4win.  I am trying to import a public key from our trading partner ECSI into Kleopatra.  When I try to import the certificate, the certificate import results window displays certificates without user IDs:  1.  It looks like ECSI's public key does not contain a user ID.  I checked with ECSI and their public key contains a user ID.  There is an option under Certificates > Add User-ID that I thought I could use to add the user id to the certificate if I could figure out a way to load the certificate into Kleopatra.  Has anyone run into this issue?  I can successfully load Adele's public key into Kleopatra.  I should mention that I am accessing the server that has Gpg4win loaded on it via remote desktop from my pc.

Best regards,

Kent Hurtig
Friend's University
kent_hurtig at friends.edu<mailto:kent_hurtig at friends.edu>

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