[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 3.0 test version

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Fri Dec 11 20:55:17 CET 2015


We are currently working on a 3.0 version of Gpg4win which will include the 
modern variant of gnupg, gnupg 2.1.x. We've decided it's time to invite others 
to play with it, too. So that we can find more bugs and especially regressions 
which we should fix before we release a stable version with it.

The other big thing in this version is a new development version of GpgOL 
which we used to investigate the technical feasibility of sending MIME mails 
from Outlook with GpgOL. What this means for you? You only toggle "encrypt & 
sign" buttons, send the mail, and on sending the Mail and all the attachments 
will be encrypted and signed according to a standard format which other 
clients like Thunderbird / Enigmail will understand. And when receiving 
everything is done automatically and you don't have to hit decrypt, verify or 
decrypt every single attachment. GpgOL now also Supports 64 bit Version of 

So if you'd like to try it out and help us with you feedback please look at:



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