[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 3.0 test version

tagtraeumer tagtraeumer at turboprinz.de
Mon Dec 14 11:13:16 CET 2015

Thanks for publishing Gpg4win 3.0beta.

GpgOL 2-beta36 with OL-2010(32bit) on Win7-64bit:
While playing around I did notice that checking encryption *only* will not
proceed in sending created mail, new 'mail editor window' still persists

If checking signing too (even in same new 'mail editor window'), mail will
be sent signed and encrypted.

So: How to send encrypted only mails?

For my understanding:
GpgOL always sends PGP/Mime?
Or is there an option for setting PGP/Mime OR PGP-inline per recipient?

List of incoming mails in Outlook-2010 shows little icons in front. If
incoming mail is PGP-encrypted (w/o signed), an envelope with lock symbol is
If incoming mail is PGP-signed only, NO special icon is shown, it is not
possible to recognize signed mails before opening.

Different icons for:
- Signed only
- Encrypted only
- Signed and encrypted

Thx + best regards

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