[Gpg4win-users-en] [Gpg4win-devel] Improving the First Contact with Kleopatra for gpg4win-3

Marco A.G.Pinto marcoagpinto at mail.telepac.pt
Fri Apr 8 15:54:43 CEST 2016

Hello Andre,

Just one quick comment regarding:

I would suggest that the dates would be in: yyyy-mm-dd
because in the screenshot you are using the US standard: mm-dd-yy
The US standard gives a lot of trouble because one never knows if it is
in US or other and in certain countries like mine we use dd-mm-yyyy, so
it is always a mess de interpret the correct dates when both mm and dd
are valid days/months.


Kind regards,
        >Marco A.G.Pinto

On 08/04/2016 14:23, Andre Heinecke wrote:
> Hi,
> While we have now Kleopatra for Gpg4win-3 in a good technical shape, we are 
> starting to move on to User Interface improvements.
> One thing among others which has us concerned is the "First Start" experience 
> with Kleopatra. While most of our use centers around E-Mail encryption we also 
> want to provide a decent User Experience for someone that does not have the 
> assistance of their Mail Client when setting up Gpg4win.
> After installation Kleopatra as our main "User Facing" Application is started. 
> And there is an empty table, some stuff about certificates, nothing to see about 
> encryption. At this point we are probably in the "This is too complicated" 
> corner already. :-/
> So I've tried to think from the perspective of three User Stories which I 
> think are probably the most important ones from the "First Contact 
> perspective" and tried to come up with Ideas and mockups how to improve the 
> "discovery" of how things work and put them on the wiki:
> https://wiki.gnupg.org/KleopatraUi3
> In my ideas I also add a data centric view to Kleopatra to better be able to 
> step away from the "Certificate centric" Keylist.
> I would like to hear your Ideas, too and especially how you came into contact 
> with Gpg4win and what your first experience with Kleopatra was and how you 
> think it could have been improved.
> Please note that this is just a rough draft of my personal ideas at this 
> point. And some of the mockups are pretty ugly as I've just hacked them into 
> kleo and did not want to spend too much time on layout.
> Thanks,
> Andre
> P.S.
> Sorry for the crosspost to gpg4win-devel please respond to the gpg4win-users-
> en at wald.intevation.org mailing list.

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