[Gpg4win-users-en] gpg-agent/scdaemon error with openpgp v2 card and putty

Sijie Bu tombu at tombu.xyz
Fri Apr 8 19:48:48 CEST 2016

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Quoting Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at leidinger.net> (from Thu, 07
> Apr 2016 18:21:16 +0200):
>> Hi,
>> I have issues with the openpgp-v2-smardcard/putty support of gpg4win
>> 2.3.1.
> I re-initialised the card and tried to setup the card from scratch.
> Any gpg/gpg2 --card-edit command I tried fails (name/sex). Generating
> a key on the card vith pkcs15-tool from the OpenSC project works
> without problems. So it looks to me like a generic incompatibility/bug
> somewhere in the smard card parts of gpg4win which are responsible for
> either writing or PIN-stuff.
> Anything I can provide, more verbose logs maybe? If yes, which
> verbosity level and which actions shall I execute?
> The card reader is a Cherry Model ST-2000.
> Bye,
> Alexander.
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AFAIK Gpg4win uses the smart card interface provided by Windows to
communicate with the card. The problem might be related to smart card
APIs of Windows or issues with the card reader driver.


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