[Gpg4win-users-en] gpg-agent scdaemon + yubikey smartcard not asking for PIN with PUTTY

Bowlers Bloody bloodybowlers at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 09:05:13 CET 2016

Hello guys,

I have good news : gpg 2.1 rocks !
Problem solved and here is the solution :

As Sijie said, the "smartcard compatible" pageant was loading the SIG
key and the AUTH key.

Unfortunately, under gpg 2.0.x, when you export a public key and use
gpg2ssh, the output is the ssh key for the SIG key (and not the auth).

So when using gpg-agent, it was waiting for putty to request the AUTH
key and not the SIG key (as it should !). The "smartcard enabled"
pageant was sending the SIG key so it was working with it.

Now for the good part : with gpg 2.1, we can now natively use
--export-ssh-key, and this command export the AUTH key, so in the end,
it works :)

Thank you everyone for the help, and I hope it can helps other people too !


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