[Gpg4win-users-en] Kleopatra and redirected folders

David Kronlid david at kronlid.net
Wed Dec 13 13:05:41 CET 2017

It's normal for things to be very slow and possibly to get timeouts if you
have the entire AppData in a network store. Things need to get read and
written often to AppData.
I'm not saying that there's no bug in kleopatra or gpgol, but for things to
be slow is normal under those circumstances and a timeout wouldn't be

Why don't you backup your AppData to the network store every time you
logout of Windows? (or more often)
If you use a modern version of Windows I guess this would sync
automatically if you have a domain and a pro/enterprise version of Windows.
This should probably be the default these days and no manual syncing/backup
should need to be done of AppData, at least not for Win 10. A quick search
at docs.microsoft.com shows that this is done automatically in Win10 but I
haven't tried it.

I haven't worked with Windows in an enterprise environment for many years
now, I mostly use Linux nowadays. But a long time ago when I worked with
Windows I used to setup automatic backups of various things to the network
share, but nowadays alot should get backuped/synced automatically.

I recommend checking up documentation and guides for your Windows version
for optimal settings for AppData on a domain.

As I said there still might be a bug to fix, but I would reconsider the
setup of having AppData on a network store only as it gives slower
performance and it's better in most cases to have a local copy that gets
synced to the network store when Windows decides there is a need.

If you need privacy and don't want to leave unencrypted traces of what
every user has done you can setup the user folder to be encrypted. However
I don't know if this still is possible in Win10, but I have used it in Win
7 and previous versions. But I guess modern Windows versions will have
something similar to protect user's privacy.

Hope that my answer can help even though I have been away from the Windows
enterprise world for a few years now.

Den 13 dec. 2017 12:19 skrev "Paul Stuffins" <gpg4win at ravex.co.uk>:

Hi Andre,

My laptop is added to a Windows Domain, it is the only device added at the
moment because of this issue, and one of the Group Policies is to set up
Folder Redirection to a share on the file server. I suspect that Kleopatra
is trying to look in the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\kleopatra
directory, but the entire AppData directory is directed to
\\%server%\%share%\%username%\AppData, and Kleopatra is unable to deal with
the redirection. Microsoft does warn that some programs will fail to work
with folder redirection.

Many Thanks

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