[Gpg4win-users-en] Kleopatra and redirected folders

Paul Stuffins gpg4win at ravex.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 18:27:34 CET 2017

Hi David,

Thanks for your input. I had 90% reconsidered using Redirected Folders
before you had replied, and as a result of your reply I have got rid of
that GPO.

I will have a look at other ways of syncing my user directories to a
central location.

Many Thanks

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 12:05 PM, David Kronlid <david at kronlid.net> wrote:

> It's normal for things to be very slow and possibly to get timeouts if you
> have the entire AppData in a network store. Things need to get read and
> written often to AppData.
> I'm not saying that there's no bug in kleopatra or gpgol, but for things
> to be slow is normal under those circumstances and a timeout wouldn't be
> surprising.
> Why don't you backup your AppData to the network store every time you
> logout of Windows? (or more often)
> If you use a modern version of Windows I guess this would sync
> automatically if you have a domain and a pro/enterprise version of Windows.
> This should probably be the default these days and no manual syncing/backup
> should need to be done of AppData, at least not for Win 10. A quick search
> at docs.microsoft.com shows that this is done automatically in Win10 but
> I haven't tried it.
> I haven't worked with Windows in an enterprise environment for many years
> now, I mostly use Linux nowadays. But a long time ago when I worked with
> Windows I used to setup automatic backups of various things to the network
> share, but nowadays alot should get backuped/synced automatically.
> I recommend checking up documentation and guides for your Windows version
> for optimal settings for AppData on a domain.
> As I said there still might be a bug to fix, but I would reconsider the
> setup of having AppData on a network store only as it gives slower
> performance and it's better in most cases to have a local copy that gets
> synced to the network store when Windows decides there is a need.
> If you need privacy and don't want to leave unencrypted traces of what
> every user has done you can setup the user folder to be encrypted. However
> I don't know if this still is possible in Win10, but I have used it in Win
> 7 and previous versions. But I guess modern Windows versions will have
> something similar to protect user's privacy.
> Hope that my answer can help even though I have been away from the Windows
> enterprise world for a few years now.
> Den 13 dec. 2017 12:19 skrev "Paul Stuffins" <gpg4win at ravex.co.uk>:
> Hi Andre,
> My laptop is added to a Windows Domain, it is the only device added at the
> moment because of this issue, and one of the Group Policies is to set up
> Folder Redirection to a share on the file server. I suspect that Kleopatra
> is trying to look in the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\kleopatra
> directory, but the entire AppData directory is directed to
> \\%server%\%share%\%username%\AppData, and Kleopatra is unable to deal
> with the redirection. Microsoft does warn that some programs will fail to
> work with folder redirection.
> Many Thanks
> Paul
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