[Gpg4win-users-en] GPGOL 3.1.5 not working in current Outlook 365

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Tue Dec 11 08:46:32 CET 2018


On Monday, December 10, 2018 10:45:07 PM CET David Kronlid wrote:
> I wonder if we should set up a beta tester group? With a checklist of
> things to go through and gather all the responses.
> Sometimes a few bugs slip through gpg4win like all other projects, but a
> few more of them could've been caught by automatic testing and manual
> beta-testing. I guess some testing is done as most developers are testing
> stuff regularly, but a bit more manual testing could be nice for the
> project maybe?

Sure! For most bigger releases we try to have a beta phase and usually we 
catch errors there. For smaller releases / issues we publish beta's usually 
not prominently on the webpage / announce them but give them to bug reporters 
so that they can verify that their bug is fixed.

> I've got a Win7 machine to test on for example, maybe some others have
> Windows 10 or 8? Some might have Thunderbird, others Outlook 2010, 365,
> 2016 etc

Yes, that would be good. Personally I use a 32bit win10 with 32bit Office 365 
for development and before a release I test with a Win7 with Ol 2010.

I think I only announce them on gpg4win-devel at wald,... though. So you might 
want to subscribe there, too.

> If someone creates or shares the current manual testing checklist I think
> we can get a few volunteers to help with manual beta-testing. It's open
> source so people are probably willing to helping out.

We tried to do that in the past with:

But that never really picked up and the wiki pages were not maintained.

I just dumped our current minimal pre release checklist in the wiki, too:


Sorry, It's german and references our internal test certificates so it probably 
won't help much.

In my personal opinion I'm not such a fan of checklists and multi platform 
testing. They are good to ensure that the basics are covered but in my 
experience Windows platforms and Outlook's are very compatible so it's usually 
enough if you test the newest and the oldest and if serveral people do the 
same tests it does not help that much. E.g. these testplans won't have caught 
that GPA can not generate a new key in the current release. But maybe a user 
that regularly uses GPA would have.

It's IMO better if people just use the Beta's / testversions in their usual 
environment. Do some random "clicking around / testing" and their usual 
So maybe we should just have a public Beta on the Webpage before each release 
but that is quite a lot, last year we had a release about every two months.

Thanks and best regards,

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