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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
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thanks for describing your problem in more detail.

Am Dienstag 06 Februar 2018 17:36:27 schrieb David Koch:
> I am not using Enigmail, etc.  I am using only Thunderbird, and attach
> files using its 'Attach' tab at the top of the 'Write:...' email form. 
> My procedure is to select "Attach" in the tab at the top of the email
> form, then select the file (previously encrypted), then send the email
> with attached file.  The files (Open Office Calc, usually, but I also
> used simple *.txt files in the tests) were encrypted to one or more of
> my 3 correspondents using their public keys in Gpg4win.

So I asumme that you are using Kleopatra to encrypt and sign the files.

> My correspondents decrypted the messages, or attempted to, so I cannot
> describe their procedures.

As those a regular files you had attached to your email your correspondents' 
email client cannot easily see that they contains crypto contents.
If available the filename of the attachment can be an indication.

Usually saving the file from the email application and then opening it with 
Kleopatra should get you to the decryption. :)

> I may have had this problem for a long time, but never signed messages
> until the latest version of Gpg4win was available.  In earlier versions
> and in other encryption programs, I normally just 'encrypted' and did
> not 'sign' the files.  But in version 3.*, the 'sign and encrypt' choice
> is at the top and automatically comes up checked.  So when I began using
> v. 3.*, I began sending attached files that had been 'signed and
> encrypted'. 

Yes, usually it is a good idea to always sign.
(So others know that the file is from you and you can establish
a common secure communication history.)

> When my correspondents could not open them I knew I had a 
> problem.  I don't usually have a need to sign messages, as they are
> pretty mundane and related to family matters.  But when I discovered the
> problem I thought I should ask about it.

Asking is good, so we can try to find out where sending crypto emails fails 
for you.

Best Regards,

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