[Gpg4win-users-en] Correspondents cannot open "Signed & Encrypted" messages

David Koch dnlkoch at verizon.net
Sun Mar 4 20:40:40 CET 2018

I've reported this problem before.  I recently ran a series of careful 
tests with the same results as earlier.  If I "sign" a message, then 
"encrypt" it, then attach it to an email message, my correspondents 
cannot open it.  But if I only "encrypt" the message, attach it to an 
email, then my correspondents are able to decrypt it.

Today I did some additional looking.  I made up a test message, 
"Test.txt", then "signed" it only.  The result was a file named 
"Test.txt.pgp".  When I attempt to look at, open, or decrypt the file I 
get the error message: "An error occurred: Kleopatra: Could not open 
file "C:/.../Test.txt" for reading: Input/output error (218136625)".

I'm not sure if this result is as it should be, or if something is 
wrong.  Should I be able to read or open a "signed" message?


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