[Gpg4win-users-en] Some email not decryptable (was: PGP KEY)

Michaela Azevedo Pires michaelapires at isassociados.pt
Tue Mar 9 10:47:20 CET 2021

Yes, I just can't read from certain senders, otherwise I can read everything. Do they have to install my public key for me to be able to read their e-mails? I have already installed their public key and also each user's key, but it doesn't work.

Com os meus cumprimentos,
Michaela Pires
michaelapires at isassociados.pt 

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Hello  Michaela 

Am Montag 08 März 2021 18:17:14 schrieb Michaela Azevedo Pires:
> There are some e-mails that are not decrypted how should I proceed?

one possible explanation is,
that they were not encrypted to you by the sender.
In this case, ask the sender to encrypt and send them to you again.
(And ask that they check to use your current public OpenPGP key.)

I think this is most likely because you wrote that "some" emails are not decrypted, which tells me that the other emails are decrypted just fine, so your crypto setup is fine in principle. 

If it is something else, you can first see if there is a pattern in the emails that are not being decrypted. Maybe they are from certain senders?

Some more hints are at


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