[Gpg4win-users-en] Some emails not decryptable

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at andrewg.com
Wed Mar 10 15:31:56 CET 2021

On 10/03/2021 14:12, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Michaela,
> Am Mittwoch 10 März 2021 14:00:18 schrieb Michaela Azevedo Pires:
>> When they send me an email I'm directed to webmail, I can't read the email
>> in outlook as you can see from the attached email.
> the email you have send to the public (sic!) mailinglist
> is S/MIME signed and it does not have any cryptographic contents.

The email in question is neither a PGP nor S/MIME mail - it is a 
notification mail for a web-based "secure maildrop" service (e.g. McAfee 
Secure Email Gateway, Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service).

This is a common type of system used by companies to send "encrypted" 
emails, but the terminology is disingenuous. No part of the email 
message is encrypted, instead it is converted to a web document and 
transferred over TLS (hence "encrypted").

In short, this has nothing to do with GPG.

Andrew Gallagher

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