[Gpg4win-users-en] Removal of GPA in Gpg4win

Phil Gunhouse gpg4win.list at cochon.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 15:32:50 CET 2022

On Fri, 11 Mar 2022 13:57:41 +0100
Andre Heinecke <aheinecke at gnupg.org> wrote:

> So my Question is, are there any GPA users that object to that, and
> if so why do you prefer GPA over Kleopatra?

My case is by no means a reason, or request, to keep GPA, but since
you're asking...

I frequently decrypt backup tarballs on Windows purely as a local
staging post. These are from *nix file systems and the tarball needs
to be kept intact for onward distribution, not unpacked.

Is there a way to stop Kleopatra from inferring that it should unpack a
file like 'backup.tar.gpg' using gpgtar. This is the sole reason I
install GPA these days.

Without GPA my workaround would be to rename the encrypted file,
decrypt, rename the plaintext, but it's easier just to use GPA.

Hopefully the answer isn't hiding in plain site in the Kleopatra
documentation :)


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