[Inteproxy-devel] Proposal for extending the Windows Installer

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Tue Jun 10 23:09:46 CEST 2008


IMHO we should extend the so-far quite simply Windows installer
with some cleverness to ease the configuration routine for InteProxy:

 * Test for Adminstrator rights
 if no: Issue error "You should be Adminstrator to install and configure
 InteProxy for your system."

 * Offer 3 installation types:

 1. "Simply installation without setting or changing any environment
 variables or registry entries. Inteproxy users will need to do settings on 
their own to use Inteproxy."
  -> Just unpack things and create menu entry as it is done with the current

 2. "Installation as web-proxy per application. Inteproxy users will need to
 set the Inteproxy HTTP address explicitely as web-proxy in the respective
 applications (which might not always be possible, better check first)."
  -> Offer entry "Set proxy where InteProxy should redirect http request:".   
  This value is to written to the system wide environment variables 
"http_proxy" and defaulted with the contents of the
  currently defined global web proxy 

 3. "Installation as system-wide web-proxy. Be aware that any HTTP request
 will then have to pass InteProxy, though unprocessed if not configured as a
 secured OWS."
 -> Copy currently specified system wide proxy from the registry to the
 system wide environment variable "http_proxy". Then set the 
 registry to the "localhost:64609"

Deinstallation routine should:
 * Remove "http_proxy" settings upon request (perhaps a checkbox "Remove 
system wide environment variable http_proxy settings.")
 * Move contents of http_proxy back to global registry.
 (perhaps also checkbox "Re-enable old proxy XXXXX as systemwide proxy". 

Does this make sense?

Anything forgotten?
(further things come to mind such as autostart stuff but perhaps
this is something to be done later on)


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