[Winpt-users] GPGoe beta2 is available

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Thu Mar 30 18:03:56 CEST 2006

Juan Ignacio Gaviria wrote:


> Sorry for taking so long in answering.  I was out of town and could not 
> check my mail.

No problem sometimes I'm also busy and can't reply within a day.

> You sure are fast at code-fixing.  I downloaded and tested beta2. The 
> annoying "no data" message seems to be gone for good.


> anything).  It is not about the messages being excesively long:  I was 
> trying to decrypt your previous message to the list regarding GPGOE which I 
> had encrypted and resent to myself.  May I suggest a scroll bar in the 
> viewer?

Ah, that was the problem. Actually I added fixed scroll bars but it
seems that are not visible on all systems. Definitely something for
the bug tracker.

> I tried to verify the signature for a message sent to the list by John 
> Clizbe on March 22 and all I got was an empty message box for signature 
> verification even though I imported Mr Clizbe's key.  Maybe a key was 
> missing or invalid, but the message box did not help.

Hmm, I definitely need to test more "real" signatures. From lists for
examples and signatures people send to me via mails. I generated some
test signatures with different keys and the verify box seemed to
contain the correct information.

Maybe you can forward me a signature that could not be verified. And
I will also try to test it with mails from this and other lists.

> The memory (or clipboard) issue about not being able to copy text, opening a 
> new message and pasting the text to the new message still remains there. 
> You still have to open the message, then copying the text fragment and 

I know it's still not perfect. The problem is that the plug-in uses the
clipboard for data transfer. I need to think about an option "recover
original text".

> All in all, a great job!  Please keep on it.



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