[Gpg4win-users-en] Sylpheed-Claws plugins porting

Michal Skrzypek michals at math.uni.lodz.pl
Thu Jun 29 01:56:48 CEST 2006


    I use heavily reconfigured Sylpheed Claws version Win32 on a
daily basis (this is the latest version officially ported to windows
without cygwin). The crucial thing here, among the other things, is the
possibility to use plugins, as even simple things like previewing
pictures from attachments inline or (safely) previewing html-ish
messages are provided to the end user as plugins.

    In gpg4win the impossible thing happened :), and now the new, shiny
Sylpheed-Claws 2.3.1 is ported to Windows via MinGW. But... without

    Could someone consider porting Sylpheed-Claws plugins also... at
least the most important ones?

    Or maybe there is another "native" port of Sylpheed-Claws 2.3.1 to
the Windows platform?

Thanks in advance,
Michal Skrzypek

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