[Gpg4win-users-en] email decryption with gpgol (was: solved: Can not create new key)

Jean-Paul Geerets j.p.geerets at amc.nl
Tue Sep 19 16:26:48 CEST 2006


I don't know how, but, stuf seems to work.... :-)

Outlook crashes sometimes... Why? Don't know.. But now the last hours it
works... :-)

I have done some test with a collegue... 
I can sign and I can encrypt messages.
Also de-crypt.

Decrypt in preview will result in multiply-ing the message everytime I touch
So I don't turn on that feature... :-)
Also put my public key on the server.

Im happy... :-)

Now lets try this also on linux (evolution).
I guess that want be a problem....

Tnx everyone for reading and commenting!


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On Tuesday 19 September 2006 07:42, Jean-Paul Geerets wrote:
> I have renamed the file trustdb.gpg
> So the system has to create a new one.
> This works!
> I have now a key to use.

I have no idea where the bad file came from to start with, but hey, you have
got a working system in this regard now. :)

> I have send an signd email to myself, and it work.
> I can read the email.


> I have send an encrypt email, and this went wrong. I get a whole email 
> with garbage.
> I guess the decryption doesn't work in my outlook2003 on my winxp machine.
> Perhaps someone has an idea about that?

So you are using gpgol, try to check the gpgol bugtracker, search for
category "gpgol".


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