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thanks for the feedback!

On Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008, Brian Amundsen wrote:
> I've been using 1.1.3 for about 60 days. I switched after I found
> significant issues with Thunderbird not was handling my messages in
> folders correctly.  I'm not having any issues with GPG, although I
> don't use encryption that often because many recipients don't know how
> to handle the messages, nor have the application to either.   I do have
> some issues with Claws-mail version packaged with 1.1.3 which is only
> 3.0.0RC2. It would be nice if I could update individual parts or if
> the team would at least update 1.1.3 with a later version of
> Claws-mail.

The Gpg4win version 2 will have an updated version of Claws-Mail
as far as I can see. Updating 1.1.3 with a later version of Claws
would need somebody doing the work. 

> There are a couple of oddities that I noticed with the
> teams implementation of Claws-mail.  First the application data is
> storing in the default WinNT folder structure,
> i.e. C:/Documents and Setting/<username>/Application
> Data/Claws-mail/
> which seems logical and appropriate.
> BUT the actual messages are storing under MH folder names in
> C:/Documents and Setting/<username>/Application Data/<default account name
> MH>
> with all folders and subfolders.  But the designation of
> additional accounts are stored at
> C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application
> Data\Claws-Mail\Mailboxes\<account 1, 2, 3, etc>
> I would have expected to find the message data in the
> C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application
> Data\Claws-mail\Mailboxes\<account default, 2, 3, 4, etc>
> All I can think of is that the MH folders are at a higher level than
> the application data, inorder for other MH applications to access them
> without having to dig down in to the Claws-mail application folder.
> Can anyone on the team verify this odd structure?  Is there a way to
> change the message data storage point?  I've checked my registry and
> can not find any claws-mail application pointers are values
> (interesting).

I guess this is a question for the Claws-people, why things are 
as they are. Maybe doing a test with 1.9.8 (when it's out) to see
if thing have been changed already might be a good start
to get developers to listen.

> Maybe there are pointers in the registry that should be added for to
> allow claws-mail to be the default mail program which Ggp4win version 2
> needs to add. 

Here is some documentation trying to set KDE Kontact as default email
application on Windows. Maybe this is helpful for somebody to find out
what the right settings would be. (A developer level questions I'd say,
so maybe we should continue this on gpg4win-devel at wald.intevation.org.)

> All this in the hope that more Windows users are
> converting their applications to open source and moving away from
> Microsoft closed source.

More Free Software definately is good! Users will then notice that their 
applications even run nicer on GNU/Linux in the end. :)
Note that with Kontact on Windows there is another contender
for being a good email client on Windows, that uses some of Gpg4win 2
and even offers personal information management:
For a glimpse see: http://www.kolab.org/roadmap.html


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