[Gpg4win-users-en] GPGOL.DLL -- is it included in the Vder 2.1.1 download site?

Ramon Tan tanramon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 18:41:10 CEST 2013

Dear Mr. Reiter,

Sorry for the PDF file of 50K.

Attached is the ASCII file listing the entire sub-directory.

To repeat for other readers interested in this report:

1)  Ver. 2.1.0 of GPG4WIN was downloaded and installed on 16-June-2013.

2)  Immediately following successful installation, I downloaded from:


	the file that is to replace [gpgol.dll] to fix the Outlook 2007 bug when handling encrypted attachments.

3)  In the attached file listing, you will see [gpgol.dll] - the correct, downloaded version - and 

    Gpgol-BUGGY.dll, the one that resulted from the installation of Ver 2.1.0.

Thanking everyone for their excellent work on GPG4WIN.

Best regards,

Ramon Tan 

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Dear Ramon,

thanks for bearing with us!

Can you send your two emails to the list as well?
Because there is more than one person tha may respond to your emails and others may be able to share their experiences.

If you can, avoit large attachements. Ideally in the case of the pdf, you could for instance just use the text of the two files, e.g. a "dir" in the cmd.com.

Best Regards,

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