[Gpg4win-users-en] How do I just encrypt text?

Animedude Johnson animedude5555 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:03:59 CET 2014

I want an option to be able to encrypt text (not a file, which may or may
not be a text file), but I don't want it to be limited to email as with the
Outlook extension. I want to be able to use GPG4Win to encrypt some text
that I type, and then encrypt it, so that I can then paste the encrypted
text into any place that the intnded recipient might find it (such as a
public forum, but only the intended recipient would be able to decrypt it).
It would be a way to hide secret messages in plain sight. Is this possible
to do with GPG4win? If not, please add this feature in a later version.

On a side note, how do I embed a signature in a text document? I find that
when signing any file, even a text file, and even when I've set it to
output the signature as ascii text (called ascii armor here in GPG4win,
which just base64 encodes the data and puts a "start of signature" and "end
of signature" indicator on it), it always creates a seperate signature
file. I would like to be able to embed the ascii signature in the text
(either at the start, or the end of the text string, or text file) and then
be able to verify the in-text signature. Is this possible with GPG4Win? If
not, please add this feature in a later version.
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