[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win: Keopatra and "gpg --encrypt", both hang

Samuel B. Quiring sbq at sbqsam.com
Thu Jan 30 05:09:50 CET 2014


I have installed gpg4win 2.2.1.  When I start kleopatra from the command line or by double-clicking the .exe from Window Explorer it never launches a GUI.  In the task manager I see kleopatra.exe using 50% of the CPU until I kill it.

When I type this command:

$ gpg --output edit.txt2.crypt --encrypt --recipient blah at blah.com

Where blah at blah.com is the email address on one of my keys, gpg never returns, but it is not using much (if any) cpu.  Finally I kill it with ctrl-c.  It does generate a small file, but when I try to decrypt it, I get errors:

2048-bit RSA key, ID 46260496, created 2013-12-26 (main key ID D03DB332)
gpg: AllowSetForegroundWindow(13020) failed: Access is denied.
gpg: [don't know]: 1st length byte missing

Other gpg (or gpg2) commands work ok.  I was able to create keys.  I can generate a new keypair.  I can add a subkey.

For the two commands that are hanging, are there logfiles generated anywhere?  I defined the environment variable KLEOPATRA_LOGDIR in my user variables (not in System variables), but no logfiles ever get put there.

I would like to get this working, but I'm stumped.


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