[Gpg4win-users-en] Gpg4win 3.0 test version

tagtraeumer tagtraeumer at turboprinz.de
Mon Dec 14 16:47:14 CET 2015


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> From: Andre Heinecke [mailto:andre.heinecke at intevation.de]
> Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 12:55 PM
> Ah, If I disable S/MIME support I can reproduce the problem, only encrypt
> does not work, sign/encrypt does. If I enable S/MIME support both work 
> even for OpenPGP.
> Will be fixed. I've opened an issue to track it:
> https://bugs.gnupg.org/gnupg/issue2191 

Yes, I can confirm:
If S/Mime is enabled in GpgOL options dialog, sending with 'encryption only'
and 'encryption/signing' is working.

>> Or is there an option for setting PGP/Mime OR PGP-inline per recipient? 
> No, currently there is no such option. Do you wish there to be one?

Yes, would be nice to enable backwards compatibility for recipients known
for using old pgp/gpg clients.
Default: Use PGP/Mime
Option (in Kleopatra's key management?): Use PGP/inline for this key

> Would it be a problem for you if we added such an option only for messages
> that are also encrypted?

Toggling between different setting for signing or encryption can cause less
usability and may cause confusion on non-nerd side ;)
In my opinion favorite way would be, if working for encryption and signing
in view of recipients need. If a recipient is known as not supporting
PGP/Mime, preference could be set once to 'use PGP/Inline' in key options.
Fire and forget, it's realized for example in GPGrelay keyrules...

> Oh yee,.. this is a bug. It worked at one point. We had that pencil / sign
> icon in the message list for signed only messages, but It appears we broke
> it again.  I've opened issue2190 [3] for this.


Another point:
If password input is cancelled or if wrong password is submitted several
times (3x?), restart of Outlook is necessary to get another chance for
password input.
Is it possible to trigger this 'second chance' by menu icon or right click
menu item in Outlook's incoming mail list?

Thx for review + best regards,

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