[Gpg4win-users-en] Why are my encrypted files AUTOMATICALLY decrypting?

Juan Miguel Navarro Martínez juanmi.3000 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 05:03:32 CEST 2015

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GPG4Win 2.2.5, Windows 7.

Kleopatra Settings > GnuPG System > GPG Agent
* Expire cached PINs after N seconds: 1
* Do not use the PIN cache when signing: Checked
* Disalow the use of an external password cache: Checked

Which in turn made my gpg-agent.conf get these options:

max-cache-ttl 6000
default-cache-ttl 1

Created a text file called example.txt with the message "This is an
example.", encrypted it using CLI, then decrypted it using cli,
inputing my passphrase. After 1 second I repeated the command and I
have to reinput the passphrase.

GnuPG CLI works correctly on my end.

With the same file, I opened Kleopatra and used the Decrypt/Verify
utility, default options. I input my passphrase and it decrypted it
into "example" file. After one second, fast enough to even go to the
decrypting part, I do the same steps and I had to input my passphrase

Kleopatra works correctly on my end.

Try looking at the options and check the same options I have.

On 2015/07/27 at 0:23, Dessi Sumilo wrote:
> I have searched everywhere.  I am using GPG4WIN 2.2.5 on Windows 7.
> I created a key and then just created a .txt file with Notepad.  I
> encrypted the file with the key I created.  It did everything fine
> and created the .gpg encrypted file.
> But when I now right-click the file and decrypt, it does it
> automatically.  This is no security at all if anyone can just
> right click and decrypt the file.
> I changed the gpg-agent to nocache and set the Kleopatra to 30
> seconds.  I've rebooted and tried everything I could find.
> Why does it not ask me for the password?  Why is it automatically
> decrypting?
> Thanks....

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