[Gpg4win-users-en] Crashes in gpg4win 3.0.3

David Kronlid david at kronlid.net
Sun Jan 14 21:45:15 CET 2018

Today I decided to poke around a little and try to find out more.
Visual Studio 2017 was able to tell me that kleopatra.exe through
qt5Core.dll causes an access violation when trying to access location
0x00000000. Someone must have made a programming error, perhaps with a
pointer pointing to null.
This in turn sometimes also crashes dirmngr or gpgex depending on what I'm
When gpgex crashes it also crashes explorer so explorer needs to restart.
(When I try to verify a signature explorer loads gpgex, which loads
kleopatra, which crashes all 3 with an access violation)

[image: Infogad bild 1]

2018-01-13 0:08 GMT+01:00 David Kronlid <david at kronlid.net>:

> I just installed gpg4win 3.0.3 on a computer which previously didn't have
> gpg. It runs win 7 64-bit. I unchecked GPA and GPGOL during installation.
> In about 20 minutes it already has crashed about 5 times. Dirmngr and
> kleopatra are the ones crashing again and again. It crashes both if I open
> kleopatra from the windows start menu or if I use the explorer extension.
> Also when I imported a key from a key server I once ended up getting 2 OK
> buttons to choose from and no Cancel button. I have too little information
> to figure out if this simply is a GUI/programming error or if it's related
> to the crash bug(s) in kleopatra and dirmngr.
> If you want me to file a bug report please let me know if there are any
> log files or debug packages I can install in order to make a bug report
> that gives enough information.
> I have used gpg on Linux and gpg4win on Windows for many years so if you
> just point me in the right direction I might help find the problems causing
> the crashes.
> Regards,
> David
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