[Gpg4win-users-en] pinentry-qt passphrase window pops up on Windows Notification of signed email arrival

Sam Kirsch SKirsch at teamworld.com
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We'll have to look into addons, I had not considered that, though, our test platform has most of the addins installed you'd find in our organization, the department using GPG4WIN may very well have some extra addons.

I had considered that as an alternative.  I was planning on extending the cache timeout actually - you mentioned a timeout per session though and I don't see a specific setting like that;  Am I to understand that if I set the cache expirations extremely high the cache still times out if the windows session ends?


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On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 5:23:03 PM CET Sam Kirsch wrote:
> Has anyone run into this before and have any feedback on how to stop the
> passphrase window from interrupting our users' work flow?  Thanks!

As Answered in the Forum:

no, this is not common behavior. It should work that only when the mail is
"read" that GpgOL attempts to decrypt that.

I think an explanation could be that you have an Addon or other software on
the affected systems which might automatically "read" each incoming mail

Have you thought about extending the gpg-agent's passphrase cache timeout so
that the passphrase is only asked once per login session? You can do that with
Kleopatra or through the gnupg config.

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