[Gpg4win-users-en] Reinstall programs problems.

Phil Kane phil at kanafi.org
Sun May 17 23:39:25 CEST 2020

I have Enigmail installed on two networked computers each running latest
versions of Windows 10, Thunderbird, GpG4win, Kleopatra, and Enigmail.
Computer 1 is using a key-pair with my main T-Bird user account plus
several "Also known as " accounts under that key-pair.  Computer 2 is
using the same key-pair (?) with a single T-Bird account which is also
one of the "Also known as" accounts on Computer 1.  With this
arrangements I could send encrypted e-mails between these computers.

Recently I had to do a clean reload of Windows 10 on Computer 2.  Now
Computer 1 can send encrypted messages to that computer and they are
decrypted, but if I attempt to send an encrypted message from Computer 2
I get an error box that says "You do not seem to have the secret key for
[addressee] on your key ring. you cannot use the key for signing."

How do I get the "secret key" from Computer 1 - the latest versions of
the programs do not have the former "key ring" format files, or is the
only solution to generate a new pair for Computer 2?

With thanks.

Phil Kane
Beaverton, OR USA

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